Automate International Audits Pneumatic Systems at a Major Water Treatment & Bottling Plant in Pakistan

Automate International has completed a detailed pneumatic system audit of a major water treatment and bottling plant in Northern Punjab, Pakistan. The client at this facility had approached Automate earlier to review their installed pneumatic systems and evaluate their potential for energy saving and minimizing losses. Automate performed the audit a few weeks earlier and has finally delivered its assessment.

Automate identified leaks, failing equipment and design issues that accounted for nearly 40% of total compressed air usage at the plant. Fixing these issues will reduce the cost of air production at this plant by up to 43%. The client for this project found Automate’s assessment extremely helpful and beneficial for their bottom line.

About Pneumatic System Audits

Automate’s Pneumatic System Audits help companies identify and reduce air wastage in their pneumatic systems all the way from compressors to the delivery side. Conducted by skilled professionals who have decades of combined experience in designing and operating pneumatic systems, these audits help end users reduce air wastage and subsequent energy and production losses.

About Automate International

Automate International is a leading engineering services firm that has transformed itself to provide digital and advanced intelligent solutions with an aim to create long term value proposition in terms of operational sustainability, manufacturing excellence and process optimization in the ever evolving world of pneumatics and industrial control & automation.