Automate International Partners with S&C for Pneumatic Systems’ Monitoring solutions in Pakistan

Automate International and S&C (Statistics & Control, Inc.) have entered an agreement to deploy compressed air and compressor monitoring solutions in Pakistan. These solutions will be based on S&C’s software solutions for turbomachinery control and Optiramp® for digital solutions, predictive analytics and optimization. Automate will act as S&C’s local representative and distributor in Pakistan. Automate Pakistan will provide required sales, engineering and deployment services ensuring that all solutions are deployed flawlessly and without any disturbances. With these solutions, Automate and S&C aim to improve pneumatic compressed air systems and their monitoring in a large part of the manufacturing and process industries in Pakistan.

 About S&C

Statistics & Control, Inc., (S&C), headquartered in West Des Moines, IA, USA, develops and manufactures Advanced Process Control (APC) and turbomachinery control software as well as engineers, designs, and installs APC and turbomachinery control systems and solutions around the world. We have a global portfolio spanning the energy, oil and gas, utility, chemical, and digital oil field industry sectors.

Our turbomachinery control software solutions easily integrate with customers’ existing systems, and the OptiRamp® Digital Solutions focus on process and power real-time, predictive analytics to optimize processes and, in turn, reduce costs and increase stability and reliability.

In additional to our software solutions, we provide a number of services, including consulting, dynamic system studies, modeling, automation, training and OTS, and support.

Our goal is to solve your complex challenges through our unique software and highly seasoned team of professionals.

About Automate International

Automate International is a leading engineering services firm that has transformed itself to provide digital and advanced intelligent solutions with an aim to create long term value proposition in terms of operational sustainability, manufacturing excellence and process optimization in the ever-evolving world of pneumatics and industrial control & automation.