The proverbial heart of a pneumatic system is its compressor which provides the air required for correct operation. Typically when pneumatic systems are designed, they are paired with compressors for optimal energy consumption and process performance. Overtime though, due to changes in system components, modifications, system wear and leakages etc., these compressors do not remain as efficient as their designed specifications suggest. Moreover, the operational wear - especially for compressors performing inefficiently over extended times - ends up adding to the compressor's lack of performance and eventually leads to failures which can interrupt operations and cause downtime.


Automate's Compressor Performance Monitoring is an intelligent solution that tracks compressor performance across a wide range of parameters like output efficiency, power consumption, vibration signatures, temperature, noise levels and current drawn. These parameters help create a detailed prognostic and diagnostic view of each compressor, alerting maintenance crews of potential failures, maintenance tasks and anomalies. Coupled with advanced dashboards and visualization, this solution helps operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel stay ahead of compressor related issues, addressing them on time and saving production downtime.