Compressed air systems are found throughout manufacturing and process industries, and account for a significant amount of the electricity these industries consume. Losses in the compressed air delivery system can account for as much as 30% of a compressor's output. Over time these losses alone can add up to significant overheads, while also risking production quality, unwanted downtime and even failures.
Traditionally these losses have been hard to identify, requiring thorough manual inspections or extensive instrumentation at costs that end up being hard to justify. The advent of advanced algorithms and "intelligence" however has opened up avenues for monitoring, tracking and evaluation of compressed air systems with practically no additional hardware of physical inspections.

Automate's Intelligent Air Monitoring is a first of its kind solution for pneumatic systems that uses statistical equations, mathematical models and intelligent algorithms to detect leakages, losses, performance degradation, asset utilization, contamination and other anomalies in pneumatic systems. This monitoring is delivered through state of art visualization: dashboards that can be accessed remotely over the web and onsite, detailed periodic reports and assessment summaries for all concerned personnel, and performance improvement recommendations that are guaranteed to help reduce losses and wastage.