Getting a plant or a process ready for operation within a tight time schedule has never been easy. The task gets even more demanding when you have to integrate complex technologies sourced from multiple vendors. Proper strategic planning and execution of the pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup activities directly influence the ultimate success of your entire project. Your technical team may not possess the understanding and specialized skill sets to avoid delays, budget overruns and potential safety hazards.

Automate has assembled a specialized team dedicated to handle your commissioning and startup troubles and drive your facility project towards success. They work closely with your onsite field engineers to develop an effective commissioning and startup plan, and efficiently coordinate, guide and perform all the activities based on the plan. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of designing, testing and commissioning of air compressors, air treatment units, distribution piping network, instrumentation and end use pneumatic equipment which enables a quicker turnover of plant operation to the customer with optimum quality and functionality.

Pre-Commissioning and commissioning starts when the plant/system attains mechanical completion and steps are taken to bring the system to the required air pressure and flow rate. The plant/system is separated into easily manageable units and each unit is treated separately until the completion of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities. Activities during this stage cover design conformity checks, status checks of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation installations, cleaning, drying and flushing, operational checks of equipment, etc.

Additionally, functional checks are carried out which involve methods used to ascertain that an item of pneumatic system or control system functions correctly.  Startup normally consists of activities associated with running or operating the plant and includes operating adjustments necessary for satisfactory operation of the plant or part thereof. It shall be complete when the plant/system is operating at design capacity and producing products according to specification.

Our Commissioning and Startup Service includes:

  • System inspection
  • Blow down system check
  • Purging and cleaning
  • Compressor power and flow profiling
  • Compressed air leak testing
  • End use pneumatic equipment functional check
  • System pressure test
  • Electrical testing and energizing
  • Compressed air flow test
  • Instruments calibration and functional test
  • Air quality test
  • Verification of mechanical completion
  • Piping network design verification
  • System stabilizing and performance verification
  • Tightness test
  • HSE compliance
  • Hydrostatic test