Pneumatic systems like any other electrical/mechanical system require regular maintenance to operate efficiently and keep production down times at a minimum. Inadequate maintenance ultimately leads production losses and significant increase in energy consumption through air leakage, pressure variability, high operating temperature, air contamination and loss of moisture control.

Setting up an effective maintenance program, and following it religiously is critical to sustaining the performance of a pneumatic system. Plants need dedicated personnel with full responsibility to ensure proper maintenance execution that is done on schedule and documented accordingly.  Unfortunately, companies are sometimes unable to keep up this required routine maintenance either due to lack of trained staff or extra burden on their maintenance team.

Automate International’s Dedicated Resident Engineer service places specialized multiple-systems trained engineers at your plant or facility. These engineers have extensive on-site field experience and receive regular trainings to gain the in-depth skill and knowledge necessary to maintain pneumatic systems and solve issues of varying complexity. Our engineers not only help plan, schedule and execute your maintenance activities, but also have expertise in system design and engineering that makes them excellent resources for testing, commissioning and troubleshooting installations.

Having this added expertise in your maintenance team helps resolve issues quicker and improves production. With better control over maintenance activities at your facilities, our resident engineers help your maintenance staff and operators drive higher reliability and improve the availability of all your production assets.

With our Dedicated Resident Engineer Service:

  • Flexible, fast, and cost effective way to jumpstart your O&M team
  • Maximize manufacturing availability and reliability.
  • Increased on-site expertise.
  • Shorter time to problem identification and resolution.
  • On Job training (OJT) to transfer knowledge from our engineers to your O&M staff.